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"Hälsingekustens pärla – levande fiskeläge"   English version

Menu Sjömärket – English


Skagen (on our own mayonnaise, carpet, chrimps.

Lightly smoked duch  (served as a sald with our good bread and a compote of fig and onion)

Carpaccio on cod. (with algae, soya mayonnaise and roasted sesame seeds.)

Whitefish roe from Kalix. (Sour cream, lettuce salad, bread.)

Sjömärkets Classics

Burger made of meat from Oppigården (stored cheese, bacon, tomato salad, French fries and dragonchillidip)

Brewer´s fish casserole. ( Aioli and bread.)

Prawn and crayfish salad. ( Ceasar dressing, parmesan and croutons.)

Prawn sandwich on rye bread. ( Hand shaved prawns, our own mayonnaise and boiled egg.)

Fried fresh herring. (with potatoes, ripe lingon and sliced butter.)

Mellanfjärds plate. ( 4 kinds of herrings, smoked shitefish, buried salmon, egg half.)

Luxurious archipelago. (For 2 persons) Graxed salmon, pate, mousse, mussels, shrimp, crab,herring.

Varm disches

Grilled salmon. (sour cream primers, fresch potatoes and fried capers.)

Skinny fried goose. (Hummer butter sauce, raw fried broccoli and pure potatoes.

Lambracks. (green  beans, bacon dragonaioli.)

Porchetta on rapeseed pig. (Basil and garlic stuffed. Grilled vegetables béarnaise sauce.)

Calf entrecote Bbq glazed.(Coleslaw, corncub, raita.)


Rhubarb pie. ( with vanilla ice cream and berries.

Chocolate mousse. (Raspberry pannacotta and meringues.)

Little truffle.

Swedish “Hälsinge” cheese cake (with warm cloudberry and cream or, juice suce.)

Menu for children

Pancakes ( with whipped cream and jam.)

Meatballs ( with homemade mashed potato and lingonberry jam.)

1/2 portion of ala carté menu (half of the price.)


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